Smart People-Based Planning for Sustainable Cities – SMART PBP

For many years, city governments and urban planners have been trying to make cities more sustainable and resource efficient by replacing unsustainable technologies with those that promised to be more sustainable. However, the installation of sustainable technologies alone doesn’t guarantee that cities really become more sustainable. Urban planners tend to focus too much on the technical causes of sustainability in their current approaches, ignoring the factor that can make a city really sustainable: the people who live, work, and play in it. To create sustainable cities, urban planning has to focus on people and the root causes of their behavior instead of only technologies. Urban planning should be about making cities more sustainable by creating an environment that allows and motivates sustainable behavior and enables long-term behavior change. What is needed is a people-based planning approach instead of a technology-based planning approach.

Research questions: How can we understand the root causes of unsustainable behavior? What would a people-based planning approach look like? What role could information and communication technologies play when analyzing the root causes of the problem? What can we learn from the Colombian cities Medellín and Bogotá?

Project partners: Vienna University of Technology – Centre of Local Planning, Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar and the City of Vienna


Articles & Publications: 

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