Urban Breezes in Colombia at the III Ibero-American Socioeconomics Meeting

Urban Breezes in Colombia at the III Ibero-American Socioeconomics Meeting


From November 16 to 18, the III Ibero-American Socioeconomics Meeting, organized by the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics together with the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, took place in beautiful Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

“The question of development has been central to the Ibero-American debate concerning the relationship between economy and society. The current discussion of its different definitions have taken a definite turn in the bend due to their scope to other spheres rather than just economic growth, a concept to which it has been confined almost exclusively for several decades .”

An extensive variety of topics was presented by experts from various disciplines from across the world, including topics such as Globalization and Human Development; Environmental Governance, Social Movements, and Development; Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Environmental Balance; Peace, Post-Conflict, and Democracy; Tourism and Development; Regional and Urban Development.

In her presentation “Making Behavior Change Towards Sustainability A Priority In Urban Planning Processes”, Petra Hurtado from Urban Breezes explained the importance of the integration of people into urban planning processes and highlighted the findings of the 5 A Planning Approach project.

“The event spurred discussions about development in the framework of the pursuit of more balanced, just, and sustainable societies. It provided a space for reflection on the economic growth of nations and its relationship to human well-being and the environment. In addition, it provided an occasion to analyze its relevance, incidence, and social scope in a sustainable development context.”