Nature-based Solutions for Climate Resilience

Nature-based Solutions for Climate Resilience

On March 20th, 2018, Urban Breezes hosted a webinar on “Nature-based Solutions for Climate Resilience”. Our expert for nature-based solutions, Helen Santiago Fink, highlighted the importance of urban ecosystem services in climate change mitigation and adaptation and explored their role in fostering behavior change towards climate action.

She explained the valuable role of nature-based solutions and ecosystem services in addressing climate change at the city scale and its implications for broader sustainability. The multi-functionality of nature provides the services that underpin the pillars of sustainability and sustain human life on Earth. These services known as ecosystem services, i.e. nature’s services, provide the fundamental resources and support the social, economic, and ecological processes that provide food, water, air, habitat, raw materials for human development and growth as well as biospheric stability and regeneration.

At the city scale, urban ecosystems have become increasingly important in contributing to climate mitigation and adaptation, while cultivating long-term community resilience and fostering enhanced environmental justice and equity. Cultural ecosystems services are explored for their capacity to nurture environmental stewardship and potentially nudge human behavior towards climate action.

The webinar identified valuable nature-based solutions through green infrastructure applications for cities to incorporate into planning, policy, and capital investments as part of an integrated climate resilience approach to mitigate air pollution, reduce urban heat islands, improve storm water management, and bolster well-being and quality of life.

Webinar slides are available for download here: Webinar Nature based solutions

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Nature-Based Solutions For Climate Resilience